Some of you may have noticed more activity on my blogs and pages. A few of you have reached out to me, wondering why I’m re-posting old blogs and links, as well as random things that aren’t from me.

Well, I’ve been working on social media management. A few of my pages have been lying dormant while I deal with real life, and collecting dust. It’s, they weren’t dead.

I’ve decided to really give them a push to try to get more followers. I’ve been spending a lot of time writing and the one thing I need is an audience to actually release some new material for.

So for now, I’m running an experiment. According to apps like crowdfire, as long as you are regularly posting something, new or old, you should get more traffic on your page. So I’m trying it out. I’m mixing in a little bit old with the new.

Lo and behold, I’m getting a lot of new followers. I guess I’ll stick with it.

Don’t worry though. This just means that there is more new material on the way.

I’m one step closer to attempting to do this for a living…maybe…

If not, feel free to drop a quarter into my cup when you see me at the park.


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