I have to admit that I was shocked at how many of you read the first excerpt and got back to me.

I really wasn’t expecting the outpouring of support. There were quite a few Facebook shares. Even the blog I write for, The Nerd Element, posted it on their page.

My editor, Emily, scolded me for the typos and grammar errors.

Yes, Emily, I know. I know they are there. So I’m going to remind her, and you, that what follows is an unedited first draft. Although, that probably won’t stop her.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you Part Two of the excerpt from my untitled and shelved novel.


Maria was tired. Dead tired. It was just after 11:00 PM and it had been a long day. The thought of finally getting home and getting to rest was her motivation. Hopefully, her roommate, Dayle was in a good mood.

Pulling into her apartment complex, she pressed the button on her garage door opener, her mind already inside. Almost there.

The garage door slowly began its upward trek to allow her access.

Just a little bit longer and she could collapse on the couch, kick off her shoes, and try to enjoy the last few minutes of the day.

Pulling into the garage, she pressed the button. The door slowly lowered itself shut.

Gathering up her things on the passenger seat, she never saw the dark figure duck under the door and step into the garage.

The garage door closed with a thud.

Finally, having everything gathered neatly into her arms, her keys in her hand, Maria stepped out of the car and stood straight. She didn’t notice that she was no longer alone in the garage. However, it didn’t take her long to realize it.

She whirled as she closed the car door. As she completed her turn, she came face to face with the leering figure that had been standing behind her.

He began to raise his arm.

A flurry of papers dropped to the ground.


Opportunity presented itself.

From the shadows, he had spent the evening watching all the units in an apartment complex and wondering where he wanted to go. One looked promising. A woman had come home earlier in the evening and so far that was all the activity he had seen at the apartment.

She was alone.

He was just waiting for the lights to go out and then he would make his move.

Around 11:00 a Volkswagen Beetle puttered it’s way up the street. He sank further into the shadows, lest he be seen and his plans for the evening be ruined.

But, wait.

The Beetle slowed down as it approached him.

Shit. He’d have to move and find somewhere else to play tonight.

But a smile began to form.

The garage to the unit he had been watching began to move slowly upward. The driver sat in the car and waited for the door to open completely. From where he stood he could see the driver. She looked distracted. She hadn’t seen him.

Maybe tonight would go better than he had planned.

As the car pulled into the garage, he moved from his hiding place.

The garage door began moving downward so he moved quickly to duck underneath it.


As he had ducked down to get inside the garage, his cap fell off, landing outside of the garage. There was no time to grab it, since the door was nearly shut. It was fine. He’d just pick it up on his way out.

But for now, he had more important things to do.

The door closed with a thud.

He stood straight and waited, watching as his future plaything moved around in the car. Whatever she was doing in there, she needed to finish. He didn’t want to wait any longer.

The gun in the small of his back beckoned to him. He heeded its call and slowly reached behind him, feeling the handle settle snugly into his palm, almost as if they were spooning, cuddling.

Finally, she got out of the car, holding a stack of papers. Her back was to him as he stood silently appraising her.

The anticipation was killing him. He just wanted to return the favor.

She closed the door with a flourish, whirling on her foot like a dancer.

They came face to face. He could barely hold back his grin as he watched the terror spread across her face.

The gun rose to greet her, almost on its own, as the belongings she held fell to the ground.

Immediately, she began to plead for her life. “No! Please no! Don’t hurt me!”

He cocked the hammer of the gun.

She screamed.

The gun roared.

At that instant, everything seemed to move in slow motion. He watched as she threw up her hands in a futile attempt to protect herself from the doom hurtling toward her. He saw a small splash of blood as she crumpled to the ground.

For a second he just stood there, smiling, as he took it all in.

Wait, had he just seen a spark? What was that? He started to move toward her body to investigate when he heard the door to the inside of the house slam shut. It was following almost immediately by a click and the sound of footsteps running away on the other side.

He gave his victim one final look. He kicked her for good measure before moving toward the door.



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